“No excuse, just produce”

— Nathan James

Nathan James

Nathan James is a fully independent rock artist & photographer who’ssound is in the numetal/metal/industrial lane. As  “Photographer Rockstar,” Nathan is one of themost desired entertainment photographers behind some of the industry’s mosticonic shots

(LilWayne, Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Post Malone & many more)

 Nathan stands for the popular outcast "Rock Baby" with agoal to turn all life experiences good or bad into “MORE ART” through music andphotography

Hailingfrom the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, Nathan James has

alwaysbeen pushing out his creative energy for the world to see. Building afoundation

as since his burst onto the music scene in early 2020, Nathan James has alreadydeveloped into a full-blown rockstar, manifesting his creative influences intoa unique musical identity.

Itwould be an understatement to say that Nathan hit the ground running.

Despitethe compromising circumstances of COVID-19, Nathan James has released several singles and amassed millions of streams across all platforms.

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